Thursday, January 24, 2008


I awoke this morning to a kitchen filled with wrappers and empty bags of potato chips. Night eating syndrome strikes again!!

Of course, most of the food I apparently ate in my sleep belonged to my roommate - if I could afford my own place, I certainly wouldn't even buy such things. I apologized to her and promised to rebuy the items, but she said not to worry about it since it's better for her anyway (I only ate chocolate bars and snack size bags of Doritos, from what I found).

I honestly don't know when this started, but unless you have ever suffered from NES, you don't know how frustrating it is. All of your efforts spent dieting during the day actually trigger these episodes. It doesn't even matter how overweight you are, you could have 15 pounds to lose or 150, the result is always the same. Doctors don't even know what to do.

As for today, i'm picking up the pieces, although very depressingly. I will try to fit the gym into the day, but I have a meeting this afternoon and am nearing the deadline for my article.

But I refuse to throw in the towel. Even if I am always *somewhat* overweight, at least I can get out of the "obese" category.


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