Monday, January 14, 2008

Medifast Day 1

So today was the first day of my medifast diet. I didn't overeat the day before so I expected a bit of hunger. Surprisingly, the hunger was only bad in the morning!

Upon rolling out of bed (7 AM), my food choices are never that fantastic. In fact, I grabbed a cup of coffee and a chocolate pudding. Around 8:00, I was still hungry and tired, so I had a Lemon bar. I needed to catch up on my writing, but I ended up going back to bed, feeling hungry and very cold.

I finally woke up again around 10:00, and had the chicken soup. I was finally feeling decent enough to work, so I made progress until around 1:00, at which time I had an oatmeal. I felt a little dismayed that I had already eaten four of my five meals at 1:00, but upon getting back to work, I was amazed when three hours flew by and I had not experienced hunger.

At 4:00, I was craving salmon (surprisingly, I am not big on salmon usually). I measured out my iceberg lettuce (note to self: prebagged lettuce contains carrots, which are not technically allowed). I also put in a few broccoli florets and added a tbsp of low fat ranch dressing, then opened a bag of 3oz pink salmon. It wasn't as good as I would have liked it to be, and 3oz doesn't hit all the "lean" I need. So I went back to the fridge, cooked up a boca burger, and ate it san-bun...which surprisingly hit the spot.

A few hours later, I put on my TIVOed Denise Austin, who inspires me and I think is absolutely adorable (some people are annoyed by her), and managed a seemingly long 20-minute routine involving weights, low-impact cardio, and some yoga.

At 7:00 pm, I had my last medifast meal: I put the vanilla shake in the blender, added some coconut extract and imitation rum, and blended it with ice. Then I poured a bit of Walden Farms calorie free chocolate syrup on top.

All in all, my hunger subsided and my energy levels rose tremendously by the end of the day. Now it's after 11 and I can't even sleep! I'm amazed that I've only had 840 far, I am impressed by Medifast!

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